We, Evelyne, Franziska, Andrea, Madeleine und Isabelle welcome you to our B+B and we try to make your stay unforgettable! We speak german, english and french and some of us a little bit of spanish.  And Tereze and Karma are worried about the cleanness in our house.




















Enthused about traveling and foreign cultures, I decided to make an exchange year in Upland, California where I graduated from St. Lucis High School in 1995.

After studies at the "academy of Tourism" in Lucerne and a two years assignment for Lucerne Tourism Board, I decided to turn my knowledge into reality and opend in 2002 „The Bed + Breakfast“ in my grandmather’s house.

In the function as host, little gastronome, gardener, entrepreneur, accountant, marketing expert, all-rounder I feel very confortable

Meanwhile I’m married and we have three little cute girls.




2007 I started to work in The Bed + Breakfast. What was meant to last for one summer season turned out to become my long term job and I am really feeling happy and comfortable to be part of the team.

I like the diversified work and all the different people who come from all around the world and stay with us. And during our winter break, I go to travel myself, preferably to some places with warm temperatures and interesting cultures.






One year after the opening of the B+B I started to work in this beautiful house.  I was a newcomer in the hotel business, at this time. I did and I have always worked in places where I keep in touch with people and can apply my knowledge of foreign languages. Also, I am very happy to be a hostess with heart and soul. Therefore, I have found my dream job at The Bed + Breakfast!

Meanwhile, I have a small family and I am working part time.





Meine Begeisterung für das The Bed+Breakfast hat begonnen, als mich Isabelle bei meiner Diplomarbeit an der Tourismusfachschule als Koreferentin unterstützt hat. Ein paar Jahre später durfte ich dann aushilfsweise erste B&B Luft schnuppern. Und nun bin ich mit 50% voll im Team integriert. 
Gäste betreuen, das Haus in Schuss halten, Frühstück vorbereiten, waschen, putzen, Emails beantworten und dabei nie vergessen einen kleinen aber vielleicht wertvollen Beitrag für die schönste Zeit im Jahr – die Ferien – für unsere Gäste zu leisten – genau dies macht mir immer wieder Freude! 





I was born and raised in Lucerne. After studies in my home town I worked as a secretary as well as for our national Airline at that time called Swissair. Different stays abroad improved my language capabilities. Apart from my daughter Isabelle who is he manager of the B+B I am the senior employee. I still take much pleasure in working in my former parental home.








Seit 2011 arbeite ich nun im B+B. Es ist wie ein zweites zu Hause und genauso reinige ich auch alles. Es gefällt mir, Reisende kommen und gehen zu sehen, verschiedene Düfte zu riechen und ein klein wenig in ihrer Kultur reinsehen zu können. Ich habe zwei Kinder und lebe in Luzern.